Corporate Social Responsibility


What we do today has a major impact on the future of generations to come. This is why, in addition to commercial objectives, CSC JÄKLECHEMIE also pursues values that relate to the sustainable development of society and the environment.

Environment and Climate Pact Bavaria


We challenge ourselves every day to go beyond legal requirements in the areas of environment, safety and health.

We align our Corporate Social Responsibility – i.e. how we act in the market, and how we interact with the environment, employees and other interest groups – based on clearly defined guidelines. Clear evidence for our commitment, which often far exceeds the legal requirements, is our involvement in renowned regional and international alliances, for example:

The Umwelt- und Klimapakt Bayern (eco-pact in Bavaria) hosted by the Bavarian State Ministry, which has long-established itself with voluntary, cooperative environmental protection as a fertile ground for innovations and best practice methods. We have been participants from the beginning and support this project of the Bavarian State Government out of conviction.


Responsible Care Logo

The Responsible Care programme of the Verband Chemiehandel e.V. (Chemical Trade Association), which we have taken an active role in from the beginning and is independent of legal requirements. Its standards, which are constantly being refined and improved on, provide us with guidance for the optimization of our different areas of work – environmental protection, product responsibility, occupational health and safety, transport safety and dialogue.

In addition, we are also constantly re-developing our flexible offerings to improve work-life balance and ensure that family life and work life are compatible with each other. This is because we know that satisfied employees are more motivated and more capable. Completely maintaining the notion of team spirit, we also encourage our employees to take part together in leisure activities – for example with our very own chess team or at sporting events like the intercompany B2Run in Nuremberg.



Sustainability goals need objective criteria. We have been taking part in the EcoVadis sustainability Assessment since 2016. Since 2022 also group-wide in the CG Group. This helps us to identify where we can effectively and efficiently become more sustainable. This is how we adjust our sustainability goals on an objective basis.

CSC JÄKLECHEMIE was recognized as a “Chemical Leasing Frontrunner” at the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2021. We are proud to have been practising this sustainable business model with some of our customers for more than 10 years now, making an important contribution to sustainable business!


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