Working together since 1966!


A successful partnership

Diverse and innovative.

The first distribution agreement for coating raw material chemicals was signed back in 1966 - we are proud of our long-standing cooperation and highly value Covestro as a forward-looking partner.

As a Covestro trading partner, we distribute a wide range of Covestro products.

Feel free to contact us - our experts are here for you!

Shared values

With Covestro, we are taking the path to a sustainable future.

For Covestro and CSC JÄKLECHEMIE, sustainability is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

We work together every day to further optimize services and provide innovative products on an environmentally friendly basis for our customers.

We focus on longevity, waste avoidance, mass balance solutions and bio-based products.

Mass balance solutions

Innovative products from Covestro.

Covestro has focused on saving fossil resources and can thus improve its carbon footprint at the same time. Through mass balance solutions, the proportion of renewable sources in production can be steadily increased.

Covestro can thus offer more sustainable products. We would be happy to advise you!

Impranil® eco from Covestro

Bio-based binders: the drop-in alternative.

The requirements for textile coatings in terms of sustainability are high and the demand for bio-based binders from customers and brand manufacturers is increasing enormously.

Covestro has developed a technology to increase the bio content in PU dispersions to up to 65%. This process can greatly reduce the petroleum-based content of coatings.

The difference in the CO2 footprint becomes even greater when solvent-based PU textile coatings are used for comparison.
There are three textile binders available as drop-in alternatives to known Impranil® grades. These have the same quality as their conventional counterparts. The proportion of carbon from renewable sources is determined using the 14C method (ASTM-D6866).

We take responsibility

Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How we act today has a significant impact on the future of generations to come.

That is why we challenge ourselves every day to go beyond the legal requirements in the areas of the environment, safety and health.




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