Automotive industry

Diverse applications with intelligent raw materials.

Raw materials for innovative automotive design


Cars are hugely emotive objects! Cutting-edge technology is translated through shape, colour and feel into sensory perceptions. Our products are the perfect vehicle for this. Just think of the external appearance of highly resistant metallic paintwork, or the tangible pleasure of a soft-feel coating in the vehicle interior. This is what the outcome of long-standing development work with CSC JÄKLECHEMIE can look like.

Even in more unassuming areas of motor vehicles our products still do their work for you: whether in adhesive technology, synthetic leather applications or for flocked luggage compartment areas – many different applications are only made possible through intelligent raw materials.

Recommended current products:
Bayhydrol®, Bayhydur®, CSTICO®, Desmophen®, Desmodur®, Desmoseal®, Dispercoll U®, Dispercoll C®, Baycoll®, Desmocoll®, Desmomelt®, Ascotran®, Asconium®, Siliporite®, Addocat®, Domacryl, Domopol, AEROSIL®, ACEMATT®, AERODISP®, SPHERILEX®

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