Industrial cleaning of components

Individual cleaning concept for specific requirements.

Individual concepts


Whether as a final production step or for surface finishing before further steps such as painting/coating, powder coating or hardening: to give your components the required degree of cleanliness, CSC JÄKLECHEMIE will draw up an individual cleaning concept for your specific requirements:

  • For almost all parts made of metal, glass, or plastic
  • Broad range of high-quality cleaning products and methods
  • Varied analyses and tests for processing monitoring and process optimization
  • Optional anti-corrosion protection for temporary intermediate storage before further processing, before transportation to the customer, or for surface sealing and lubrication
  • In close cooperation with renowned system manufacturers

The following apply both during process planning and when operations are ongoing:

With professional laboratory testing and state-of-the-art methods, we will provide you with expert support in order to stabilize cleaning results and deliver preventive care for your system. We will pass on technological user know-how directly to you in training sessions.



  • Removal of environmental dirt, oxides/corrosion products, metal abrasion and swarf, aqueous cooling lubricant emulsions and partial removal of processing oils/grease
  • Technical and commercial review of your existing cleaning processes
  • Individual concept with alkaline, neutral or acidic cleaners
  • Fine-tuning with cleaning additives (e.g. degreasing booster, defoamer, wetting agent)
  • Test-based recommendations for additional dosage and bath care
  • Disposal of contaminated cleaning media


  • Removal of cooling lubricants, processing oils, swarf, pigment protection and other operating media such as grease or wax
  • Compatibility testing for coordination of cleaning media and processing oils
  • Complete redesign of solvent-based cleaning systems
  • Review and optimization of your existing system
  • SAFE-TAINER™ system for chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs), modified alcohols and many other products
  • Disposal of contaminated cleaning media


  • Fundamental technical knowledge for handling solvents
  • Introduction to cleaning processes, plant engineering and environmental and safety aspects.
  • Safe use of the SAFE-TAINER™ system
  • Know-how for monitoring and re-stabilisation of the cleaning medium
  • Numerous practical exercises and demonstrations

Your advantages: Increased operational safety and reliability, fewer operating errors, longer service life for your system thanks to the professional monitoring, avoidance of production downtime and maintenance work.

Do you have questions about our factory-fresh products and intensive training? Would you like to optimize or set up new cleaning processes? Call in our experts for an initial on-site analysis or consultation.


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