Reverse osmosis

Achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Maintenance and protection


Whether for ultrapure water production, feed water treatment or rinsing water treatment – the expert teams at CSC JÄKLECHEMIE will deliver well-thought-out technology concepts to ensure that your reverse osmosis system delivers optimum efficiency.

In the process, we consider different untreated water qualities and membrane properties to determine the best-suited treatment method. We aim to achieve the best possible yield from minimal use of chemicals and to keep cleaning cycles as long as possible.

Preventive antiscalant dosage

  • Treatment of the make-up water
  • For the avoidance of hard or organic deposits
  • Software-assisted simulation for determining the ideal product and the required dosage
  • Reduction of the cleaning and maintenance work

Effective concepts for membrane cleaning

  • For organic or mineral deposits in reverse osmosis, ultra or nano-filtration systems
  • Careful choice of a product that is perfectly tailored to the membrane and type of contamination
  • Improved performance for your system
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtime
  • Regular or performance-based cleaning programmes for protecting your capital goods

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